jQuery Bootgrid – simple and powerful Grid Control for Bootstrap to extend tables with responsive web design with minimum code change


jQuery Bootgrid – simple and powerful Grid Control for Bootstrap to extend tables  with responsive web design with minimum code change

Nice, sleek and intuitive. A grid control especially designed for bootstrap.

jQuery Bootgrid is a powerful table extender if you will. It extends your table with nice and helpful features as you will see right below. Check out the demos here and get a first-hand impression!

There are two ways to populate jQuery Bootgrid. Either you use the server-side way (e.g. a REST service) for querying a dynamic data source like a database or you use the client-side way for simple in-memory data visualization.

Add data-toggle="bootgrid" to your table to initialize jQuery Bootgrid without writing any line of JavaScript code.



Responsive web design
Mobile devices are more and more important and time is rare. So developing one website for all devices is the right solution to keep development time and cost low.
Accessability support
Make it visible for everyone without extra work – just use it.
Server-side data loading (async)
Load your data asynchronously via AJAX by calling e.g. aREST service.
Dynamic Manipulation
Append, clear or remove rows dynamically via API.
Easy Navigation
A powerful pagination & search field helps you to navigate through your data easily.
Bootstrap support
The default styling is based on Bootstrap.
Flexible design
You are the designer and it´s completely up to you how you style your table.
Highly configurable
Everything is configurable & the plugin is completely based on templates which can be customized.
Data API
All settings can be also set by data attributes.
Client-side data loading (in-memory)
Turn your basic table into a table with advanced functionality (e.g. sorting, paging, searching and much more).
Column converters & formatters
For more flexibility.
Single & multiple row selection support
Today interaction is everywhere needed and selection is such kind of feature that helps you doing this.
Localization support
Labels can be easily changed.

Website: http://www.jquery-bootgrid.com/

Examples: http://www.jquery-bootgrid.com/Examples

Documentation: http://www.jquery-bootgrid.com/Documentation

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